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At Designfinger we source a wide range of different recycled aggregate materials in order to create a uniquely contrasting selection of effects. Our products last for decades, and our creative processes respect the earth’s limited resources.

Work surfaces, counter tops and splash backs

Designfinger makes bespoke eco concrete worktops, countertops and surfaces for kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, pubs, reception areas, galleries and shops. As well as concrete worktops and splash backs, we also create eco concrete shower trays, tiles, furniture (benches and chairs) and a range of beautiful and unique panels with textured or fabric formed patterns.


From rich, vibrant and sparkling worktops to splash backs with jewel-like finishes or 3-D textures - with Designfinger, the only limit is your imagination. Simply talk to us about your dreams and we’ll make them a reality.

Working with your designers

Why settle for an ordinary surface when we can work with your architect or designer to create a stunning kitchen or bathroom with a true wow factor?


Alternatively, our designer would be happy to develop products from your ideas or sketches. And if you simply don’t know where to start, we’ll be delighted to walk you through our products range over the phone or, if possible, in person.

Our finishes

Once cast, surfaces are polished to give a highly smooth result and are available in three finishes:

  • Polished– lightly polished to give a homogeneous effect with a perfectly smooth finish
  • Semi ground– ground to reveal a little of the aggregates (for example crushed mirror or sea shells), then polished to give a perfectly smooth finish
  • Ground– fully ground that reveals the full character of the different aggregates creating a terrazzo type effect whilst keeping the smooth finish


The above finishes are then sealed and waxed. Each finish is available in a large selection of colours. See our Palettes page to see some of the colours and finishes we produce. No longer do you have to conform to manufacturers’ standard shapes, sizes and colours. With Designfinger, the possibilities are unlimited.

Worktops, counter tops and splash backs

Bespoke eco-concrete worktops, beautifully polished to give a stunning effect to any space. From 10mm to 400mm thick, with sink cut-outs, drainers and brass or stainless steel pot stands. SteriTouch® , a silver based antimicrobial agent, is added to prevent the growth of harmful organisms, adding an extra element of safety.


Our worktops come with a flat squared edge, although individualised edge profiles can be created at your request, for example: angled, bull-nose, ogee, fillet, Dupont or eased.


Drainer grooves and sluices

This is one area of your eco concrete worktop where your creativity can shine for decades to come. You can have sluices, drainage grooves, metal bars or a combination in any design.

Lighting channels

We can incorporate down-lighting or up-lighting channels into your worktops to spectacular effect.


Beautiful bespoke eco-concrete sinks tailored to your measurements and design, incorporating waste and taps and other design features. Our sinks can be surface mounted, under mounted or even mounted to the wall. In addition we are proud to offer floor mounted monolithic sinks as well.



Create a luxurious five star bathroom with Designfinger eco-concrete. We produce everything from the tiles on the floors and walls, to the sink and the shower tray. And for that individual touch, why not commission us to create your very own bath, in any shape or size. All hand crafted and beautifully finished. By adding SteriTouch® to each product we can also help keep your bathroom cleaner by preventing mould growth.

Floors and panels

Our polished eco-concrete floors tiles or made to measure panels in standard sizes for easy installation on a suitable sub-base, perfect for under-floor heating. Our wall tiles and panels are 10mm to 20mm thick. We can even incorporate design etching into the panels to create textured patterned finish as well as three dimensional relief patterns.

Stair treads

Our eco-concrete stairs, engineered and manufactured as single units or separate treads and risers, will grace your home or premises and create a real centre piece feature.


Table tops

We create counter tops. Why not invest in a beautiful polished eco-concrete table top to compliment your work furniture.

Fire surrounds

Create a unique fire surround for your home. Whether modern contemporary or period design, our craftsmen can create it with Designfinger eco-concrete.

Outdoor products

We make outdoor tiles, relief pattern tiles, BBQ areas, tables, chairs, benches.

Our outdoor products can be made with TioCEM® - a hi-tech self cleaning cement that actively helps to decompose air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, VOCs (eg benzenes), and nitrogen and sulphur oxides.


So your durable outdoor products are not just kinder to the environment through the use of recycled materials, they also continue to help the environment during their long lifetime.

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