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Designfinger - About Us - Designfinger believes that we all have our part to play in protecting the Earth and its resources. We also believe that individuality and beauty are important aspects of the fabric with which we choose to surround ourselves and we get a buzz from being able to combine these two beliefs within our wonderful products.
Designfinger - Contact us - Contact Designfinger: Unit 9 & 10, Radley Green Farm, Radley Green Road, Radley Green, Essex, CM4 0LU. Telephone 0786 656 2026.
Designfinger - Copyright Notice - Copyright notice for Designfinger.
Designfinger - Disclaimer - Disclaimer
Designfinger - Eco Architectural Concrete in more detail - Designfinger's sustainable and beautiful products create an exclusive look and feel for your kitchen or bathroom, home or business, whilst maintaining an ecologically aware sensibility. Whichever way you look at it, it's the little details that count.
Designfinger - Eco Concrete Worktops for Kitchens and Bathrooms - Designfinger produce original eco concrete worktops for your kitchen and bathroom. Handmade from up to 90% recycled materials, they look stunning and are environmentally friendly.
Designfinger - Frequently Asked Questions about Eco-Concrete - Common questions about Eco-Concrete.
Designfinger - Links - Links
Designfinger - Palettes - Example palettes available for Designfinger's eco-concrete
Designfinger - Privacy Policy - Privacy Policy
Designfinger - Projects - Projects
Designfinger - Terms and Conditions - Terms and Conditions
Designfinger - What We Make with Eco-Concrete - At Designfinger we source a wide range of different recycled aggregate materials in order to create a uniquely contrasting selection of effects. Our products last for decades, and our creative processes respect the earth's limited resources.
Designfinger - Bathroom Sink - Derek Walker House project
Designfinger - Curved Concrete Island, London Fields House project - Designfinger Curved Concrete worktop London Fields House Project
Designfinger - Derek Walker House project - Derek Walker House project
Designfinger - Loafing Cafe project - Designfinger Loafing Cafe Project
Designfinger - Mint Cafe project - Mint Cafe counter tops in a gray terrazzo. 82% Recycled content.

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