Designfinger Eco Architectural Concrete


We offer surfaces in a polished, semi ground and fully ground finish. Each stage reveals more of the aggregate.

Our polished surfaces are available in several natural shades which can also be coloured with pigment to closely match your colour requirement. Grinding these surfaces reveals the chosen recycled aggregate(s) to your required finish.

There are many finishes and combinations we can create. By varying the amount of any one ingredient we can create hundreds of different colours and finishes. For example, by varying the amount of red recycled glass in a white base mix we can create pink through to red coloured surfaces.

Below are just some of the possibilities available. We can, and often do, create custom colour mixes designed for you.

Note - codes ending in P, SG & FG refer to Polished, Semi Ground and Fully Ground finishes respectively. Colour may vary from sample to sample.

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