Designfinger Eco Architectural Concrete

It’s all in the detail

Designfinger’s sustainable and beautiful eco concrete products create an exclusive look and feel for your kitchen or bathroom, home or business, whilst maintaining an ecologically aware sensibility. Whichever way you look at it, it’s the little details that count.

Why concrete?

Concrete was used in the ancient world to create strong enduring structures such as the Pyramids and the Colossuem. Whilst this man-made material has not changed significantly since those times, the way that man produces concrete structures has undergone dramatic developments. Modern concrete mix additives and moulding processes have resulted in a ‘liquid stone’ which has great versatility. Contemporary concrete’s wonderfully expressive nature has been used to great effect by architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Courbusier, and is used by modern architects such Zaha Hadid to create innovative, gravity defying fluid structures.


Designfinger concrete products are hand-crafted, highly individual pieces. Unlike quarry stones such as marble and granite, ‘liquid stone’ concrete can be used to create a product that is unique to you, with a shape, colour, effect and finish determined by the mixtures used and the moulding process. These are details which we will discuss with you or your design team to ensure that we create just the right look for you.

Eco-concrete - kinder to the environment

With polished eco-concrete, eco really can be chic. Designfinger products do not rely on materials which deplete the earth’s resources. In fact, Designfinger products are made from up to 90% recycled materials, so our surfaces are far kinder to the environment.


In addition, our recycled materials are sourced from waste produced here in the UK, helping Designfinger to reduce the environmental impact of business transport. Our hand-crafted moulds are also made of recycled materials, and are re-used as much as possible.

If you want to own a beautiful, environmentally responsible, hand-crafted, long-lasting, and above all individual surface or fixture product, then you have come to the right place.

The process

We can create any form, size or style you wish from scrap books, photographs or simple sketches to architectural drawings. Our staff will then work with you to create a brief leading to a two or three dimensional design to ensure you get a product that reflects your individual sense of style. We may ask to visit your premises to enable more accurate measurements to be taken and a template created from which we will make the mould.


Our moulds are made from recycled materials and re-used as much as possible. Creating your mould for your bespoke product is a highly skilled and time consuming process, and we take pride in our craftsmanship.

Once the mould is complete we pour your specific designed mix and allow it to cure.

Agents such as SteriTouch® are integrated into our concrete products at this stage providing life lasting integral protection against micro-organisms such as E.coli, salmonella and the MRSA super bug.

Designfinger outdoor products can be made with TioCEM® - a technologically advanced cement that self cleans and de-pollutes the surrounding environment through a photo-catalytic process similar to plant photosynthesis. This process actively helps to decompose air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen and sulphur oxides, and volatile organic compound or VOCs (eg benzenes).

Once cured, the stone is removed from the mould, ground and polished to the required level of smoothness before being sealed, waxed and wrapped ready for delivery.

We can deliver and fit the work surface – or you can arrange for it to be fitted by your own fitter.

How much do products cost?

Prices are quoted on a per-project basis. However as a guide, work surfaces start from as little as £300 a metre with a minimum charge of £500 per order. Delivery and fitting is usually extra, depending on your location.


If you’d like any advice on calculating how much your particular project could cost, please don’t hesitate to use our quote form in contact us.

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